BREXIT results show what happens when PUBLIC sees through propaganda


As a No Agenda listener I've been following their BREXIT coverage for months now. Like many of the mainstream "news" campaigns they deconstruct, it consisted of many similar propaganda elements, largely, misinformation, suppression of contrasting opinions and fear mongering. Well, this time it appears they may have gone a bit too far, and it blew up in the elites' faces...

Ok, Brexit time. For those looking for a quick way to understand what this whole thing is all about, I decided to post a clip by John C. Dvorak on his other show "DH UNPLUGGED" where he explains it to his co host in about two minutes. The second audio player features more in depth No Agenda analysis. These two clips are from hours before the final voting results, as you can see they were both highly skeptical of what outcome would be "allowed" to unfold.

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AUDIO may take 1-20 seconds to load

And yes, in the last clip, you did hear Van Jones claim Britain is so RACIST they cant even deal with other "white folks in Europe"... this PROVES the Brexit was not about racism like some claim, its was about SOVEREIGNTY as the Leave campaign has repeatedly insisted, only to be shouted down by reporters as the final clip also proved. Hopefully these clips have cleared up some of your confusion regarding the Brexit. The mainstream propaganda for the UK to remain in the EU was out in full force, up until the very end. The John Oliver clip mentioned briefly on the show is one of the BEST examples I saw.

Listen to what was pushed upon American citizens, who have nothing to do with the Brexit, just 4 days before the vote, on one of America's most popular "infotainment" shows (broadcast material that is intended both to entertain and to inform OR misinformation excusing itself as comedy show). After attempts to SHAME any "leave" supporter, by the end of the clip the host is literally BEGGING the UK to remain.

I often mention to my friends, the media really DOES try to shape and straight up MANIPULATE your political opinions and actions, about multiple topics, REALLY! And if you are not affected many low information voters are! And sooner or later their actions will affect your life. This clip proves how blatant the media gets when they are too desperate to hide their manipulative techniques and are forced to cast their consistently subtle approach aside.

In addition to the No Agenda coverage, I found two more videos related to this topic. When I mentioned that, in my opinion, the media "may have gone too far", the following two clips from another show demonstrate what I mean. American news media should make a note of what happens when you cry wolf one too many times.

credit: topmost Brexit image created by Cesium137 for the No Agenda Show

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