Mainstream Media Blackout? Did Comey HELP Hillary by intervening in election?


Since Mainstream Media Bias wont report the full story SHARE this audio to HIT PEOPLE IN THE MOUTH & PROPAGATE THE FORMULA! ...

Also, after listening to the clip above, and the others in this post, remember that it appears LACK OF CRIMINAL INTENT can now be legally used to avoid prosecution thanks to the precedent set by letting Hillary Clinton off the hook since she didn't INTEND to break any laws. This has been a longtime observation of my after following the events VERY CLOSELY.

Now, I have realized something new with the latest Comey testimony up there in the first audio clip. I was considering writing a lengthy post about it, to make my observation seem even more groundbreaking and insightful so it could then BE SHARED!! and GO VIRAL!!!! to PROMOTE the No Agenda Show!!!!!!!! ...but I'll keep it short and sweet.

In my opinion, the real question here is... Did Comey actually HELP Hillary by intervening in the election? Comey admits there was CLASSIFIED Hillary Clinton emails found on Anthony Weiner's laptop, and they knew this BEFORE the election, but they did not disclose THAT PART of their findings to the public who was told by Hillary Clinton she never sent or received any classified info. By downplaying the results of their investigation to the American public, Hillary Clinton seems to actually be a beneficiary of Comey's actions. This seems even more so when combined with Comey's "lack of intent" loophole.

Critics of my analysis will surely say "There was also a Trump & Russia investigation going on! They should have disclosed that too!" The difference here is, that to this day, they have not found any actual illegal links between Trump & Russia. You can listen to that in the following clips

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