Feinstein & Clapper: NO PROOF of Trump Russia Collusion


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Trump advisers had ‘sensitive’ contacts with Russian agents for months, Clapper testifies

British and other European intelligence agencies provided “quite sensitive” reports about contacts between advisers to the then candidate Donald Trump and Russian agents starting in late 2015, James Clapper, former director of national intelligence testified today.

Clapper’s testimony before a Senate judiciary subcommittee represented the first public confirmation of such reports, providing important new context about ongoing investigations into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin....

... Clapper provided no details about the nature of these reports, what “interactions” were being alluded to or how reliable the U.S. government believed them to be. But he took note of FBI director James Comey’s testimony in March that the bureau began a counter-intelligence investigation into Russian operations, including possible links to the Trump campaign, in July of 2016.

Clapper somewhat confused the issue a moment later when he said, “I’m not sure about the accuracy of that article,” apparently referring to the Guardian report which he had just seemingly confirmed.

He then added: “Clearly, going back to 2015, there was evidence of Soviet — Russian, excuse me, Freudian slip — Russian activity mainly in an information-gathering or in a reconnoitering mode, where they were investigating voter registration rolls and the like. That activity started early and so we were monitoring this as it picked up, [and] accelerates in the summer and fall of 2016.”